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KTB (Killin' the Blues Band) Power trio, you say? Killin’ the Blues has all the power you want, and musical diversity in spades. At a typical show, you will hear covers of everything from John Lee Hooker to Zevon, P funk, Tom Waits, The Stones, Cream, Aerosmith, ZZ, Bill Withers and aaaall the way up to and including the Ramones, Sabbath, Alice, Van Halen and Motorhead. Then, at the drop of a hat, they’ll break out the acoustics and hit you with favorites by the Beatles, Neil Young, Cat Stevens and more. And then they’ll play some originals, both electric and acoustic, that will get your feet a-tappin'.


In 2013, veteran New Yorker singer/songwriter/guitarist Albie von Schaaf relocated to the Lancaster, PA area, and along with his fellow bandmates, can be found playing at a variety of venues! The lads were also featured artists at the 2016 Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival to great response.


I had the honor and privilege of mixing monitors for them this weekend at the Roots and Blues Festival. They are extremely talented. They would make a great addition to music festivals all over the country...    

  - Sean Loughry, Woodcrest Audio


Those who have tracked the progress of Albert "Albie" these last 15 years or so know the magnitude and depth of the rock renegade's talent. On guitar, he's a blazing flamethrower, some set apart concoction of Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy Gibbons that leaves even seasoned guitar vets quaking when they happen upon him fiercely jamming....    

 - Mike Hotter, Metroland Magazine, New York


Albie Solo or Duo Acoustic can be found playing wineries, breweries, or private gatherings in the area, and is perfect for a more intimate setting. Albie draws from talented fellow musicians and his wide knowledge of varied musical genres for an entertaining and oftentimes unpredictable mix of songs!


Presence: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin offers up a thrilling, nostalgic show featuring a wide variety of Zep's classic radio hits and deep cuts, acoustic and electric alike, played with fierce passion. This is a show for musicians and fans alike - killer music played by killer players, Loretta Bilieux (vocals), Steve Sauer (keyboard), Oz Christ (drums), Mike Bitts (bass) & Albie von Schaaf (guitar). It's always a hit.

Contact & booking number: 518-669-3201.



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