Get your guitar, bass, or songwriting instruction from a seasoned, experienced teacher! Albie von Schaaf has been teaching beginner to advanced students, in person, and on-line for the past 10 years. Lessons are custom made to the individual and affordable. 

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"I've taken lessons from Albie von Schaaf for the past three years...I consider him to be the single most influence on my playing...Albie has had an enormous impact on my technique, tone and musical strategizing and sense of addition to his teaching skills, he brings a wealth of invaluable musical knowledge and extensive history of gigging, composing, and recording to the table...Albie has a great deal to offer aspiring guitar players at any level, from

beginner to advanced."


Pete Warren, High School Teacher/Musician




"I came to Albert with basic knowledge of the guitar, but unable to synthesize my knowledge into playing actual songs. Albert has made me a better player, through illustrating how to put parts of songs together, in order to create smooth transitions and play complete songs.He has opened up the fretboard for me, and made it possible for me to continue to advance my gutar playing. Both his patience and humor were invaluable in my education."


Dan Rosen, Ph.D, Scientist/NY State




"I've been Al's student for two years, roughly. When I reached out to him, I had a whole head full of adult level wonderings...would we click? Sweating the possibility that we would not have any type of student-teacher chemistry or interpersonal dynamic, I took a month of video lessons, since I'm in NY and he calls PA home. Al has been everything I could wish for in a teacher. Patient, encouraging, non-judgemental, and open minded. Never hurried, never rushed, he instructs with a master's eye and ear. His own playing is versitile, flexible, and precise; qualities he brings to our lessons. No matter how complicated a piece sounds, he breaks it down in to bite sized pieces that I can digest, and often seems a better judge of my player capabilities than I am....Al presents a practical application to guitar theory, and marries that with the material covered in our lessons. He encourages student exploration and experimentation...I'm quite pleased that I took this leap of faith and plan on remaining his student for the foreseeable future."


Mike Murgia, Registered Nurse




"I've known Al for a very long time, so I already knew he's a very talented musician. Imagine my excitement when looking for a new guitar teacher for my son and I found out that Al was offering live guitar lessons over the internet. My son says that he is learning so much more than he was with the teacher he had before. And I've noticed how patient and encouraging Al has been. My son is excited to continue learning from such a kind, patient and knowledgeable teacher. What's also great is that the lessons are so affordable and convenient. If you are hesitating, don't!"

Arlene von Linden, Happy Mom